Friday, April 10, 2009

Are You Making the Most of Your Time Everyday?

Today I read a post that I'd like to share with my readers because we often hear of the importance of Time Management. I believe that it really should be Self-Management. When we know what our goals are we will take the steps to achieve those goals, including using our time wisely to accomplish daily tasks.

The article is "Planning Your Time Just Right" at Please read and share your thoughts on what works best for you. What strategies do you find most effective to get the most of your day?

I am still working on developing the mindset not to open e-mails first thing in the mornings as an hour can slip by just reading e-mails, attachments and links. I have to get over the thought that there could be something urgent that I need to respond to and so I check. Does anyone else have this challenge?

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