Thursday, December 18, 2008

Following-Up From the Customer's Perspective

My previous article highlighted how vital it is for businesses, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs, to follow-up with their clientele. The benefits were highlighted from the perspective of the Seller or Service Provider - the small business owner.

How essential is follow-up from the perspective of the Customer?

Here are two scenarios:

1) Jill attends a Craft Fair or Bazaar where all the booths are occupied by small business owners anxious to get their wares sold. She purchases a beautiful, handcrafted necklace. The bracelet and earrings are available but she's on a budget. The small business owner 'just ran out of business cards' so Jill pays her money and leaves with only her necklace. Two weeks later she is able to afford the remaining pieces of the set to compliment that special outfit for the office party next week. Unfortunately she has no information on the small business owner. She becomes a frustrated and disappointed consumer.

But wait! Surely the small business owner collected Jill's basic contact information to keep in touch with her in the event she may want to purchase the other pieces at a later date. Unfortunately the Vendor collected no information whatsoever!

2) Tammi is an Independent Beauty Consultant. She's out doing her errands but always has her business cards with her. She meets a 'sharp' lady, Ann, who's excited to meet a Beauty Consultant as she just moved to the area, lost touch with her previous Consultant, and urgently needs skin care products.

Tammi gets the products and delivers them to her new customer. Great customer service so far! However, Tammi fails to put her labels on her products. Ann throws out the business card along with the receipt in error just about the time she realizes that she needs some eye and cheek colors. She's now unable to get in touch with Tammi and could become a frustrated, irritated customer.

But wait! She just opened her mail. Tammi sent her a beautiful "Thank You" card with her complete contact information, which she created through her SEND OUT CARDS account. A relieved smile spreads over Ann's face. She can get her products after all. She thinks, "I'm going to like doing business with Tammi...she evidently cares about me personally and appreciates my business."

Do we want happy customers or disgruntled ones? The old saying, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushes" is very relevant today. Let's make sure we're inviting our 'birds' to continually call on us by providing excellent customer service and follow-up!

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  1. You are absolutely right! Following up is so necessary in every aspect of business. Everyone needs to hold on to the business they already have.

    Thanks so much for the article. I look forward to the next one!!!!